Just my luck.

2009-04-16 12:46:18 by EvilNik

So, my computer is destroyed.
Luckily I bought a 5 year warranty when i bought it in 2007, so I'm covered, still i have to face that fact;
Everything on my computer, is gone, dead, my new logo, my animation in progrss, my music, my everything is gone.
Luckily I had an old IBM laying around collecting dust.
So, I'll probably get a new HP, I had a great load of problems with the old one, it was noisy, it overheated, and the worst part is; you can't open an HP laptop to clean it, its impossible.
So, in a couple of days, hopefully I'll be able to reinstall my software and shit.


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2009-04-16 12:57:18


EvilNik responds:

I know, its a big slap in the face.