Sharpening my murder-axe.

2009-04-04 15:37:47 by EvilNik

I'm tired of stupid people.
THIS GUY is one of those dumb guys, how can i tell?
heres how i can tell, he wrote this in Zaceid's journal;
Okay, I agree with 1/3 of your post. America does indeed suck. Gays are pure evil (if everyone was gay humans would go extinct!) and Katy Perry is exactly the kind of teeny pop which makes me wonder about my country's taste in music. (i live in england woot)
You make me sick. My advice: BE STRAIT NUB or... i read elsewhere on NG that a guy shoved a rake up his *censored* maybe you could try that.

Everything is wrong in that, this is a good example of an uneducated moron, with a grudge against homosexuals 'cause hes uncertain about his own masculinity and sexuality.
I'm not gay, thats not why I'm upset, I'm upset because lately I've noticed this site being clogged with retards.
I know that its a little silly, but I'm ashamed of being part of a society where people can't just be grown up and grow a brain.


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